Understanding Niagara's Budget

As a taxpayer, it's important to understand the budget process. You should know where your money is going and how it is spent.

How the Budget Works

Niagara Region's budget has three components that are often referred to as the current operating budget, the rate supported budget and the capital budget.

The current budget is similar to your day-to-day costs like gas, groceries or phone bill.

Rate programs include such things as; water and wastewater and waste management and rates vary depending on where you live.

The capital budget is like your longer-term investments, similar to your car or house.

Current Operating Budget

The current operating budget pays for the daily business of the Niagara Region and its boards and agencies. This budget pays for wages, supplies, programs, services and repayment of debt for major projects.

Tax dollars and income from fees and service charges, with support from provincial and/or federal sources fund the current operating budget.

Capital Budget

The capital budget is the annual plan for the purchase of capital assets. Capital assets include things like roads, water treatment plants, sewers, buildings, machinery and equipment.

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