Annual Budget Summary

Niagara Region's budget has four components that are often referred to as the:
  • General levy operating budget which includes expenses similar to your day-to-day costs like gas, utilities, repairs and maintenance. This covers the day-to-day activities for Niagara Region, Niagara Regional Housing, Niagara Regional Police Service, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and Provincial Offences Court.
  • Rate supported budget which includes the cost of operations for water and wastewater services
  • Special levy operating budget which includes the cost of operating two separately taxed services for waste management and Niagara Transit Commission
  • Capital budget which is similar to longer-term investments, like your car or house. This is what's needed to support the Region's services.

Learn more about the difference between capital budgets and operating budgets.

2023 Budget

Niagara Regional Council approved a budget for 2023 that balances the need to maintain core services, deliver critical infrastructure and protect the community.

Past budgets

Budget documents and highlights for the operating and capital budgets from previous years.

To request a previous budget, email Financial Management and Planning.

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