Code of Conduct for Lobbyists

Lobbyists are expected to comply with the standards of behaviour set out in this code of conduct when lobbying public office holders.


Lobbyists shall conduct with integrity and honesty all relations with public office holders, clients, employers, the public and other lobbyists.


Lobbyists shall be open and transparent about their lobbying activities at all times, including identifying in all communications with public office holders that are lobbying, while maintaining and respecting necessary confidentiality.

Disclosure of identity and purpose

  • Lobbyists communicating with public office holders shall, at all times, disclose the identity of the individual, business or organization on whose behalf they are lobbying, as well as the subject matter of the communication
  • Lobbyists shall register their name and company information and all lobbying activity with public office holders in accordance with the provisions of the Lobbyist Registry By-law

Information and confidentiality

Lobbyists shall:

  • Inform their client, employer or organization of the obligations under the Lobbyist Registry By-law and their obligation to adhere to the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct
  • Provide information that is accurate and factual to public office holders
  • Not knowingly mislead anyone and shall use proper care to avoid doing so inadvertently
  • Not divulge confidential information unless they have obtained the informed consent of their client, employer or organization, or disclosure is required by law
  • Not use any confidential or other insider information obtained in the course of their lobbying activities to the disadvantage of their client, employer or organization

Competing interests

Lobbyists shall:

  • Not represent conflicting or competing interests without the written consent of those whose interests are involved
  • Advise public office holders that they have informed their clients of any actual or potential conflict of interest and obtained the informed consent of each client concerned before proceeding or continuing with the undertaking
  • Not lobby public office holders on a subject matter for which they also provide advice to the Region

Improper influence

Lobbyists shall:

  • Avoid both the deed and the appearance of impropriety
  • Not knowingly place public office holders in a conflict of interest or in breach of the public office holders' codes of conduct or standards of behaviour
  • Not offer any goods, services or financial compensation in return for support as a part of their lobbying

Restriction on communication

Lobbyists shall not:

  • Communicate with public office holders in relation to a procurement process except as permitted by the Region's procurement policies and procurement documents
  • Engage in lobbying activities where the Lobbyist Registrar has prohibited them from lobbying for a specified period of time
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