Economic Development Advisory Panel - Terms of Reference

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To provide local perspective, guidance and expert strategic advisement in the operation of Niagara Region's new economic development function. To serve in a non-governance capacity with a focus on provision of advice and recommendations for consideration.

Terms of Appointment

Private members will serve for a term of TWO (2) years. At inception these terms will be staggered and revolving appointments to allow for continuity. Appointed council members will serve for a term of TWO (2) years. Any member shall serve for a maximum of TWO (2) terms. Having served the maximum term in office members have the option to re-apply for additional terms after removing themselves from service for a full term.

For the first cycle, in order to achieve continuity, external members will be invited to express interest in continuing to serve for a second term. From amongst those who have expressed interest, the Advisory Panel shall propose eight of their members to continue for an additional two year term and their names will be submitted to Council for ratification.

Regional Councillors will serve until the next municipal election, with the incoming 2014 Council then appointing 2 members to serve for the term of the next Council.


The Advisory Panel will report, via the Director of Economic Development to the Regional Council as directed.


  • The Advisory Panel will provide advice to the Region on policies, procedures and strategic direction that should be considered for the purpose of encouraging job creation, sustaining employment and business development in Niagara.
  • Provide suggestions that may have financial implications
  • Advise on the selection of market sectors supported by the Region with sector experts as they change, shift and expand
  • Advise on new business attraction opportunities, programs or strategies
  • Advise on business expansion and retention opportunities, programs or strategies
  • Advise on potential partnerships
  • Provide a conduit to local business community
  • Identify barriers and opportunities in the community to direct strategic direction
  • Advise on the dissemination of information from the Region to the local business community and partners
  • Act as Champions for economic development in Niagara region
  • Other issues as requested by the Director of Economic Development


The Advisory Panel shall consist of the following seat structure to be represented:

  • TWO (2) seats for Regional Council Representatives
  • ONE (1) seat for a Chamber of Commerce Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for a Finance Sector Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for Post-Secondary Sector Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for a Senior Regional Staff Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for a local Area Municipal Representative CAO
  • ONE (1) seat for a Local Area Municipal Representative EDO
  • ONE (1) seat for an Industry Association Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for a Real Estate Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for an Incubation Representative
  • ONE (1) seat for Trade Union Representative
  • THREE (3) seats for Niagara region Business owners

Roles and Expectations of Members

  • Review meeting materials in advance of the meetings and arrive prepared to provide a broad perspective on the issues under consideration.
  • Submit agenda items to the Chair and staff a minimum of one week prior to the meeting date whenever possible
  • Make every effort to attend regularly scheduled meetings. If not available, notify the Chair and staff contact on inability to attend at least one day prior to the meeting date
  • Agree to describe, process and resolve issues in a professional and respectful manner
  • Provide input to help identify future projects or strategic priorities for consideration
  • Serve in a regional capacity, representing all of the region in its entirety and to act in the highest and best interest of the region as a whole

Duration of Meetings

Meetings will be approx. TWO (2) hours in duration. Exceptions may occur for meetings of significance.

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