Appointment of the Regional Chair

Regional Council appoints the Regional Chair at its first meeting after the municipal election, taking place at Regional Headquarters.

The Regional Chair is appointed by members of council.

On June 6, 2013, Regional Council received confirmation from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing that Regional council-elect are permitted to appoint the Regional Chair solely from the Regional councillors elected in the most recent election.

Procedure for Appointing the Regional Chair

Section 24.5 of the Region's Procedural By-law provides the process for the appointment of the Regional Chair.

  1. The clerk, acting as Chair, shall call for nominations
  2. Each nomination shall be in writing, regularly moved and seconded, and shall have the written consent of the nominee attached
  3. Prior to the vote being taken, each nominee shall be permitted to speak to his or her nomination for not more than five minutes
  4. The speakers shall be called upon in the alphabetical order of their names
  5. The voting for the election of the Chair shall be conducted by secret ballot as permitted by the Municipal Act
  6. To be elected as Chair, a nominee shall obtain the concurring votes of a majority of the members present
  7. If there are more than two nominees and if, upon the vote, no nominee receives the majority required for election, the name of the nominee receiving the least number of votes shall be dropped and another vote shall be conducted
  8. If two or more nominees are tied with the least number of votes, a special vote shall be taken to decide which one of such tied nominees' names shall be dropped from the list of names to be voted upon in the next vote
  9. Such voting shall continue until either:
    1. A nominee receives the majority required for election, at which time such nominee shall be declared elected; or
    2. It becomes apparent by reason of an equality of votes that no nominee can be elected.

Further Information about the Regional Chair

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