Product Review Committee for Transportation Services

The Niagara Region has approved the use of the product and equipment listed on the Approved Materials Listing (AML) on its Transportation projects.

The intent is to ensure that equipment that is specified in future contracts is appropriate in nature, represents best value and whenever possible is similar to equipment that is already incorporated on Regional roadways. This reduces the number of products that the Region must keep on hand in order to maintain its assets working efficiently as well as to be able to respond effectively for emergency repairs.

At the same time, it reduces the number of different equipment types that the maintenance staff must be familiar with in order to be able to provide affective repair/maintenance services.

Consultants shall therefore specify such equipment, where applicable, the design and contract Specifications unless these have been changed at the Pre-Design or Detailed Design phase of the project.

The Product Review Committee's (PRC) stated purpose is to review and approve new equipment and materials for design purposes, equipment replacement, and new equipment installations on Regional Transportation projects including, but not limited to road reconstructions/rehabilitations/signal works/illumination works or intersection improvements.

To provide timely responses to requests for product reviews, the Chairperson will convene quarterly meetings to review any new submissions. Meetings to hear presentations suppliers and equipment manufacturers and product reviews will be scheduled on a minimum quarterly basis, or more frequently as deemed necessary by the PRC Chairperson.

The structure of committee allows input from Engineering, Operations and Maintenance and Systems and Planning. The PRC consists of 8 members from Regional Niagara Staff as follows:

  • Three Engineering
  • Three Operations
  • Two Systems and Planning

Initially, the Committee may utilize subcommittees, each responsible for specific categories of products. These categories may include but are not limited to, are:

  • Signals
  • Illumination
  • Construction General
  • Construction Sub-Surface
  • Structures
  • Systems Communication

Each subcommittee will meet at the direction of the PRC (frequency ultimately depends upon the quantity of products to be reviewed) in order to ensure timely consideration of submitted products for evaluation.

Each subcommittee will review the product and submit a report to the PRC its recommendations.

The PRC will accept this report and render its decision within 30 days. A majority vote by the committee is required to accept any new product.

Other interested Regional staff that are not sitting on these committees, may become involved in the Product Review Process specific products of interest to them.


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