Product Review Committee for Water and Wastewater

The Product Review Committee stated purpose is to review and approve new equipment and materials for design purposes, equipment replacement, and new equipment installations at the regional water and wastewater treatment plants, water storage reservoirs, pumping stations, bio-solids works, and other facilities within the division.

To provide timely responses to requests for product reviews, the Chairperson will convene quarterly meetings to review any new submissions. Meetings to hear presentations from suppliers and equipment manufacturers and product reviews will be scheduled on a minimum quarterly basis, or more frequently as deemed necessary by the Product Review Committee Chairperson.

The structure of the committee allows input from the engineering, operations, maintenance, laboratory and process optimization. The committee consists of seven members from Niagara Region staff as follows:

  • Engineering (1)
  • Water Operations (1)
  • Wastewater Operations (1)
  • Maintenance (2)
  • Process Optimization (1)
  • Laboratory (1)

Initially the Committee may utilize subcommittees, each responsible for specific categories of products. These categories may include but are not limited to, are:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Process
  • Laboratory
  • Mechanical

Each subcommittee will meet at the direction of the Product Review Committee (frequency ultimately depends upon the quantity of products to be reviewed) in order to ensure timely consideration of submitted products for evaluation.

Each subcommittee will review the product and submit a report to the Product Review Committee with its recommendations. The Product Review Committee will accept this report and render its decision within 30 days. A majority vote by the committee is required to accept any new product.


Note: Our terms of reference have changed. Review carefully before submitting requests for consideration.

Hard copies of the request for consideration should be sent to the attention of:

Tony Cimino
c/o Laura Graham
Environmental Centre
3501 Schmon Pkwy
Thorold, ON L2V 4T7

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