Niagara Peninsula Standard Contract Document

The Niagara Peninsula Standard Contract Document was developed in order to provide an effective document which could be used throughout Niagara.

A standard document provides consistency and fairness so that bidders can set prices with less concern with respect to method of payment and related risks. As such, the prices received will be more competitive and the business of obtaining bid prices will be more efficient for all users. In addition, savings will be achieved through the maintenance of one set of standard documents for all users, and only additional tender documents will be provided with each tender or quotation call as appropriate.

The following groups were instrumental in developing this standard document, and reflect the key stakeholders involved in roads and municipal service construction in Niagara:

  • Heavy Construction Association of Regional Niagara
  • Niagara Area Municipalities
  • Consulting Engineers of Ontario - Niagara Chapter
  • Niagara Region

The final document was prepared after considerable input and revisions to satisfy all groups. As a result, consensus was reached that this standard document is the best possible common product that can be utilized to the satisfaction of all parties. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that use of the document be made mandatory and that the municipal governments and consulting engineers utilize the standard document on all applicable work.

The contractors, in turn, will use the document as a standard for pricing tenders and quotations. It is intended to maintain a central monitoring and updating system with the Standard Contract Document. This will include a central registry for those who have the document and an annual update or revision/addendum, which will be distributed to all users. Any errata list or addenda required for urgent changes would be distributed immediately to all registered users.

A standard package as well as a "Guideline for Use" will be provided to all owners, owners' agents and contractors at a consistent price.

The success of a standard document is based on a number of factors including the effectiveness of its application, routine review to ensure it is valid as a current document and a regular method of maintenance to update the document. This document will serve Niagara with an effective tool in the administration and cost effective delivery of road and municipal services construction.

For more information, call 905-980-6000 ext. 3120.

Niagara Generic Specification Task Force
April, 1996



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