Industrial Use Development Charges Grant Program

This program provides financial reductions for industrial users investing in the Niagara Region that have obtained (or plan to obtain) a building permit to build or expand existing facilities.

You can apply for funding prior to receiving a building permit or within 90 days of receiving a building permit and receive a grant for up to 100 per cent of the Regional Development Charges payable.


In order to qualify for Niagara Region's Industrial Development Charge Grant, the applicant's development must meet the following criteria:

  • The proposed development must meet Niagara Region's definition of Industrial Use (as per By-Law 2022-71)
  • Apply for funding prior to receiving a building permit or within 90 days of receiving a building permit
  • Demonstrate the positive economic impact that the development will have in Niagara

Industrial Use

"Industrial use" means land, buildings or structures used for or in connection with manufacturing by:

  • Manufacturing, producing, and processing goods for a commercial purpose, as well as storing and/or distribution of goods manufactured, produced or processed on site
  • Research or development in connection with manufacturing, producing or processing good for a commercial purpose
  • Retail sales by a manufacturer, producer or processor of goods they manufactured, produced or processed, if the retail sales are at the site where the manufacturing, production or processing takes place
  • Office or administrative purposes, if it is:
    • Carried out with respect to manufacturing, producing, processing, storage or distributing of something
    • In or attached to the building or structure used for that manufacturing, producing, processing, storage or distribution

Email Niagara Economic Development or call 905-980-6000 ext. 3440 for more information.

Apply for an Industrial Use Development Charges Grant

Property Information

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Applicant Information

Building Information

Check all that apply and include the square footage where applicable

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Economic Impact Information


Personal Information and Privacy

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Freedom of Information

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