Sewage Systems Permit Application

Required Forms

Applications for a sewage system permit must include the following completed form:

You must also include one of the following forms.

Application Fee
New Septic Permit Application $1,100
Holding Tank Application $1,100
Replacement Tank Application $600

To receive one of the above forms, email us and include the name of the form you need.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The permit application will be held for processing until the required fee is paid.

Make a payment online

Other Requirements

  • Owner information, including mailing address and contact number must be completed in full
  • If the installer is completing the application, you are considered to be the applicant / authorized agent of the owner
  • Installer and designer must be licensed and registered with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Proposed tertiary installations must include a copy of the Service and Maintenance Agreement between the owner and authorized service provider as per Ontario Building Code requirements
  • If the site is affected by any easements, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority or Niagara Escarpment Commission jurisdiction, clearances will be required prior to sewage permit approval
  • Lot grading plan (if required)
  • Holding tank pump-out contract (Class 5 installations only)

Special Requests

Description Fee
Preliminary site inspection
Related to proposed lot development where no other application has been made
Permit Review and Issuance (Then cancelled within one year) $400

Special Requests Inspection application

Real Estate Inquiries

Description Fee
Site inspection and report $565
($500 + $65 HST)
File searches only $282.50
($250 + $32.50 HST)

Real Estate Transaction application


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