How We Go - Areas of Focus

The Transportation Master Plan concentrated on the following focus areas to identify opportunities for transportation improvements.

Integrating Transportation and Land Use

Niagara Region hopes to focus on more compact, mixed-use neighbourhoods that support multi-modal transportation - transit, walking, and cycling - to reduce our auto-dependency.

Transportation and land use planning need to be integrated and coordinated to ensure that we can accommodate growth while keeping the region moving.

Connecting the Region

Niagara Region hopes to continue improving movement inside and outside the region by working with Metrolinx to:

  • Expand the GO Rail network
  • Develop mobility hubs
  • Improve inter-municipal transit

More connectivity would open doors to further investment and would support land use objectives.

Active Transportation

As the role of walking and cycling grows, we hope to further promote active transportation through the development of more walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods.

To do this, we can invest in more walking and cycling infrastructure, including sidewalks, off-street bikeways and more frequent and safe connections and crossings.

Goods Movement and the Economy

Niagara Region hopes to focus on improving the efficiency with which goods move across the region. Commercial goods movement is an integral part of Niagara region's economy, and increasing connectivity and movement by road, rail, and water is important for economic development.

Healthy Communities

Besides promoting active transportation, we hope to promote healthy communities by improving accessibility for all age groups and physical wellbeing.

Regional transportation and infrastructure will play a huge role in ensuring everyone receives the same access to services, and removing physical barriers preventing a healthy lifestyle.

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